Welcome To My Profile!

Hi! Wow, I believe that you've seen my blog, and now you're visiting my profile page ^_^
Thank you for that! I hope you like my blog. 
Here I'll give you some information about me :)

Full Name : Jessica Cindy Calista

Nickname : Cindy

Facebook :  Facebook ( Message FB first before add)

Instagram : @jessicacindycalista

Hobby : reading, writing, watching DVDs

People I hate :
- the one that always copying me
- people that lie to me (no truth)
- Annoying people

I'm just an ordinary girl. But my life is special and wonderful. I have wonderful people in my life : my best friend, my friend, parents, family, and my teachers.

Thank you for being the lights of my life ~



  1. boleh minta twit gk ? sama no hp. :-) buat tanya pelajaran kok . gk macem2

    1. maaf bru sempat balas
      klo km dah add, dm aku aja.. bilang hehe nti aku kirim no ku